Chiara Valci Mazzara

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.Curation as Fondazione Morra resident curator together with Susanne Prinz Kunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg Platz ofMaurizio Elettrico solo show, An ephemeral banquet for the invisible guest: waiting for the bio-aristocrat Kunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg Platz, Berlin, Germany, December 3rd 20202- through January 31st 2021


.Art a part of culture, January 10 th 2021, by Loredana Troise, Maurizio Elettrico in Berlin : An ephemeral banquet for an invisible guest: waiting for the bio-aristocrat 

A site specific installation presenting new sculptural works by Maurizio Elettrico inspired by the saga The squirrel and the Grail

.Printed version: January 10 th, 2021

.Online version: January 10, 2021



.La Repubblica, Art and Culture, December 21st – 2020

.Printed version:

December 21st – 2020

The universe of Elettrico: where the artists rule. The solo show of the Neapolitan artist which works since twenty years at the construction of an alternate world: now virtually open in Berlin (after the December inaugural days – open again mid January) , in spring will open at Morra Foundation.

.Online version:  December 28 , 2020

.Curation together with Loredana Troise of Henrik Strömberg solo exhibition Refraction of Lightness, Fondazione Morra , Shozo Shimamoto Foundation, Palazzo Spinelli Tarsia, Naples, Italy, October 12 2019 – through January 31st 2020


.Il Mattino, Art and Culture section, by Alessandra Pacelli, The narratives of Light redesign reality, October 4th, 2019.

.La Repubblica,Art and Culture section, by Stella Cervasio and Renata Caragliano, Glass and air as the ecosystem of Strömberg, October 7th, 2019.

.Il Corriere, Art and Culture section, by Prof. Stefano de Stefano, Strömberg at Morra, The swede from Berlin reinterprets Naples, October 12, 2019.

.Il Giornale dell’Arte, Monthly Art Journal. Issue Nov. 2019

.Printed version: Issue Nov. 2019

.Online version:

.Il Roma, Art and Culture section, by Loredana Troise, When the self intertwines the languages, October 13th, 2019.

. Artribune, by Eloisa Saldari, Henrik Strömberg reinterprets Gutai, online October 25th, 2019; printed in the Issue of Nov-Dec 2019.

.Printed version NOV/DEC 2019

.Online version 25/10/2019:


Online at :


Exibart: national printed and online art magazine

Artribune (second review): online at:


.Curation of Daegu Photo Biennial special exhibition Berlin, hosted by Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg Platz, August/september 2019, artists: Ricarda Roggan, Henrik Strömberg, Jung Sung Tae, Woo Chang Won, as pilot exhibition for Daegu Photo Biennale ,Daegu City, South Korea


News: News Desk ,Daegu City, Evening News:


.Photo Dot, Photography Magazine, Issue September 2019, vol.59, page 40 to 47, review of the exhibition

.Sajinyesul, The Monthly Photo art Magazine, since 1989, vol.366, page 70 to 77, review of the exhibition

.Elle Korea, October 2019, vol.324, page 146 to 147, review of the exhibition and interview

ELLE Korea OCT.2019 P. 146-147, Expanded Universe

.Printed version:ELLE Korea OCT.2019 P. 146-147, Expanded Universe

.Online version:

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.Curation and organisation of Shoshanah’ Ciechanowski, solo shows and performances Inbetween / My NameIs/YOU (ongoing show and performance), Berlin,Germany; Florence (Villa Poggio San Felice), Italy; Lodz (Andel’s Art) Poland; 2014 to 2016; curated by Chiara Valci Mazzara

Jerusalem #1 | Tel Aviv #2, #6 | Berlin #3 | Florence #4 | London #5 | Lodz #7 



.Lødz performance and exhibition: