Chiara Valci Mazzara

.2018 – April – Umbruch These/Upheaval , co- Curation with Vadim Zakharov and as artistic director of fontaine b. of the Group show presenting works by Lucio Fontana and Hermann Nitsch.  Artists: Maya Attoun (presentation of her new publication), Lindy Annis, Nati Cerutti, Daniela Comani, Arnold Dreyblatt, Lucio Fontana (courtesy of Fondazione Morra, Naples), Malcolm Green, Elana Katz, Hermann Nitsch (courtesy of Morra Foundation/Nitsch Museum Naples), Jacopo Rinaldi, Serge Stephan, Mariana Vassileva , hosted by FreeHome Berlin, Berlin, Germany

.2018 – November through January 2019 – Curation as Artistic director of fontaine b. of the  group show: Symbiopoiesis: Dieter Roth, Nam June Paik and Henrik Strömberg, Papillon Galerie, Paris, France

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