Chiara Valci Mazzara

Chiara Alexandra Valci Mazzara , Independent curator, exhibition producer, author and writer


.She is Doctor in Communication Sciences and specializes in Business and Institutional Communication at Sapienza University of Rome

.She holds a MA, Master Degree in Contemporary Art Management from  Ara Pacis Rome – N. S. program.

.BS in Communication Sciences, Post Graduation in Business and Institutional Communications  at Sapienza University of Rome 


.Native- bilingual proficiency: Italian, English

.Full professional proficiency: German (C1 DAF certificate)





.2012-present:  Independent curator, exhibition producer, writer and author, based in Berlin, Germany

.2018-present:  Resident Curator, Fondazione Morra , Naples, italy

.2019-present:  Curator at Kunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg Platz, Berlin, Germany and  researcher for the project SPACEX – Spatial Practices in Art and Architecture for Empathetic Exchange – A Marie      Sklodowska-Curie Research and Innovation  Project funded by the European Commission.

.2020-present:  International Artistic Director at K.P. Gallery and Art Center, Seoul , South Korea


.Artist liaison for:

.Vadim Zakharov

.Henrik Strömberg

.Woo Chang Won 

.Thomas De Falco


Awards, Grants and recognitions:

.2022 NeuStartPlus_Stipendium 2023- Stiftung  Kunstfond-  with and for Henrik Strömberg work development and research; Berlin, Germany

.2022 Shortlisted for the Photo-Text Book Award -author of the essay- with Henrik Strömberg- photography- and Jens Soneryd – poetry- , Arles Les Recontres de la Photographie, Arles, France

.2021 Bangkok Biennale exhibition selected project proposal  for Vadim Zakharov site-specific installation for Bangkok Biennale 2022, Bangkok, Thailand

.2021 Alexander Tutsek Stiftung grant for Woo Chang Won exhibition project at Kunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg Platz, Berlin, Germany

.2020 BUP Book Award 2020, Blow Up press Book Award with Henrik Strömberg and Jens Soneryd, Warsaw, Poland

.2020 Alexander Tutsek Stiftung grant for Henrik Strömberg site specific installation for Chang Won Sculpture Biennale 2020, Chang Won, Seoul, South Korea



.Previous positions (selected):

.2009-2018: Co-curator, project management and coordination Fondazione Morra, Naples, Italy

.2017-2019: Artistic Director and founder fontaine b. / curation and advisory 

.2012-2014: Management Director and founder Alnitak Art Agency / Fondazione Morra

.2009-2011: Project management and coordination exhibitions and projects department Quadriennale di Roma , Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy.

.2008-2011: Associate project management and coordination Hermann Nitsch Museum Naples, Italy and Shozo Shimamoto Foundation, Reggio Emilia and Naples, Italy



Assistantships/internships (selected) :

.Quadriennale di Roma, Rome ,Italy

.Hermann Nitsch Museum Naples, Italy

.Fondazione Shozo Shimamoto Naples, Italy





Curated exhibitions and projects (selected) :


.2022-2023: October 22nd 2022 through 23 Feb. 2023, Artist consultancy, curation and production manager for Vadim Zakharov site specific installation on the occasion of the participation of the artist to Bangkok Biennale 2022: Chaos Calm, Bangkok, Thailand

.2022 Sept 27th – Oct.22, 2022, Curation  of the solo show Limbs, Strata and Edible seeds by Henrik Strömberg for K.P. Gallery and Art Center, Seoul, South Korea

.2022 , January, Curation of the presentation and talk on the occasion of the book release of Henrik Strömberg and Jens Soneryd ‘object amnesic: a compost manifesto’ winner of the BUP Award and published by Blow Up press. The site specific installation and event has been hosted by Kunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg Platz, in the frame of the show: “moss or a study of chasms caused by living under boreal conditions”, Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin, Germany

.2022 January14 th  through April 10 th 2022 Curation with Susanne Prinz of the second chapter installation Alter Ego by Gill Gatfield, Native Tongue XR installation and VR sculpture presented by Kunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg Platz , in the public green area between Rosa Luxemburg Strasse and Almstadt Strasse, Berlin, Germany

.2021 November 27th  through March 31st 2022 Curation with Susanne Prinz of the  foyer installation solo presentation ‘The Muses’ by Gill Gatfield, Kunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg Platz , Berlin, Germany

.2021 Curation and coordination together with Susanne Prinz and Hyein Park of the solo show Sil(h)ence by Woo Chang Won at Kunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg Platz, Berlin, Germany

.2021 Curation of the group show open studios  with the artists: HANNAH BOHNEN, THOMAS DE FALCO, ALIZÉE GAZEAU, LUCIA KEMPKES, NILS KÖPFER, STEFAN KNAUF, LINUS RAUCH, MANUEL STEHLI and HENRIK STROMBERG at Interface Berlin, Berlin, Germany

.2021, co-curation and text to the solo exhibition of Anna Kott at Karin Trockels Architectin, Berlin Germany

.2021 through January 2022: Curation, coordination  and text for the solo show of Vadim Zakharov ‘George Orwell- 7 Dictators- Duchamp prostate’ at Kang Contemporary in the frame of Berlin Art Week, Berlin, Germany

.2021,  Curation and text to the solo show of Selina Baumann ‘A Garden’ for  Å Plus Berlin, Germany

.2021 Curation and publication for  DOC!Photo Magazine, section Contra DOC!, Curation of the  editorial Artists in Dialogue: Urs Lüthi and Mia Gourvitch and author of the  text 3 t(w)o 1  on Urs Lüthi and Mia Gourvitch, Issue #47, ISSN: 2299-2855

.2021 April 20th 2021 – May 14th 2021 Curation, together with Ilwoo Lee, of the duo exhibition of David Krippendorff and Sun Kwan Kwon Timescapes,  for K.P. Gallery and Art Center, Seoul, South Korea

.2021 Author of the text Loom weaving and trees for the Publication on  Thomas De Falco, Oneg Magazine online and biannual printed version, Issue February 2021, published Feb.22.2021

2020- 2021 Curation, production and communication as resident curator of Fondazione Morra, of the solo show of Maurizio Elettrico, An ephemeral banquet for the invisible guest: waiting for the bio-aristocrat; curation, production, communication with Susanne Prinz – Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg Platz – and in collaboration with Fondazione Morra. Assistant curator Hyein Park.  Kunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg Platz; December 3rd 2020 – January 31st 2021.

2020 Co-curator and Author of the text to the solo show of Chang Won Woo Inner Monologue,  K.P. Gallery Seoul, South Korea; Opening September 15th 2020, through October 9 2020, curated by Ilwoo Lee

2020 Artist consultancy, site specific installation conceivement consultancy , communication and organisation on the occasion of Henrik Strömberg participation at Chang Won Sculpture Biennale 2020 ”Non-Sculpture” – ”light or flexible”   /   September 17 2020 – November 1 st 2020, Chang Won, Seoul, South Korea

2020 Curator for BOM Station European Launch,in collaboration with Ilwoo Lee and Susanne Prinz; Artists: Martin Zellerhoff, Kyong Lee, Sanghyeok Park, hosted by L40 , Kunstverein am Rosa- Luxemburg Platz, Berlin, Germany –  January 2020

2019 Curator for Fondazione Morra, Shozo Shimamoto Foundation(venue),with Loredana Troise of the solo Exhibition Refraction of Lightness by Henrik Strömberg, Naples, Italy

2019 Curator for Daegu Photo Biennale special exhibition Morph-O isolation of (portable) pressure, artists: Ricarda Roggan, Henrik Strömberg,Woo Chang won, Jung Sung Tae, hosted by Rosa Luxemburg Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany

2019 Curatorial presentation for Junko Wada solo exhibition Heian Lights, at David Chipperfield Architects showroom, Berlin, Germany

2019 Curatorial text author for Ann Nöel Williams solo exhibition Works 1964-2019, hosted by FreeHome Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2018 Invited lecturer as curator for performing art together with Axelle Galtier at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris on the occasion of Jeune Creation 68e, L’histoire est un moment : Pour une présence manifeste de l’Art !,Performing Art day and panel.  Artists: Skip Arnold, Colette / Laboratoire Lumière, Vadim Zakharov, Stefano & Elio Castronovo, Gregor Hildebrandt, Ofir Dor, Gaspard Reynaert, Berivan Kaya, Dyana Gross & Jevgeniy Turovskiy, Cécile Bicler, Adrien Lamm, Marie Bénedicte Cazeneuve, Pauline Belle, Cantor Bourdeaux, Céline Ahond, Zabo Chabiland, Reeve Schumacher, Adele Twardowski, Pierre Mercier, Anthony Constans, Elena Costelian, Guillaume Barth, Poètes,. Paris, France

2017 Curator for Fabian Albertini, Bianco Deserto, Fotografia Europea Circuito OFF, Reggio Emilia, Italy 

2016 Curator for WAS Biennale Berlin , Layover Dreams, presenting the solo show of Mia Gourvitch, Berlin, Germany

2016 Curator of the exhibition and performance Silence Unravelled, Vanessa Enriquez, Agora’, Berlin, Germany

2016 Co-curator for Mein Blau, Buffet D’Art, group show. An exhibition concept by Peggy Atherton and Maria Bartolo. Curators: Peggy Atherton, Maria Bartolo, Ben Joiner, Teena Lange and Chiara Valci Mazzara. Artists: Jo Addison, Phil Allen, Louise Ashcroft, Peggy Atherton, Maria Bartolo, Renata Bandeira, Keith Bowler, Jörn J. Burmeister, David Cotterrell, Stuart Cumberland, Annie Davey, Judith Dean, Dolanbay, Marcia Farquhar, Kitty Finer, Doug Fishbone, Luke Gottelier, RJ Hinrichsen, Des Hughes, Anja Ibsch, Ben Joiner, Sharon Lifschitz, Brendan Lynch, Pete Owen, Sarah Pucill, Robert Rush, Raine Smith, Kerry Stuart, Pip Thompson, Demelza Watts, Mark Wiltshire, Keith Wilson. Mein Blau, Berlin, Germany

2014-2016 Curator for ongoing exhibition and performance project for Shoshanah’ Ciechanowski, My Name Is, Berlin,  Germany  – Florence (Villa Poggio san felice), Italy – Andel’s Art Program, Lodz, Poland

2013 Co-Curator for Hermann Nitsch solo and performance in the frame of ABC Contemporary Art Fair Berlin, in collaboration with Morra Foundation, Hermann Nitsch Museum,Naples, Italy



Curated exhibitions and projects As fontaine b. co-founder and artistic director:


2019 Curator (as fontaine b. artistic director and with Gabriela Anco) for Middle plane Magazine, Curated issue dedicated to Vadim Zakharov, with contributions by Udo Kittelmann, Dorothea Zwirner, David Elliott, London, UK

2019 : Author of the DSL Manifesto ( as fontaine b. artistic director and with Gabriela Anco) for DSL Collection, Paris, France

2018 Guest Curator (as fontaine b. artistic director and with Gabriela Anco) at Papillon Galerie, group exhibition Symbiopoiesis: Dieter Roth, Nam June Paik and Henrik Strömberg; Papillon Galerie,Paris, France

2018 Curator of the editorial publication and author of the interview for the section Contra DOC! in DOC! Photo Magazine, Stage and Meta-Stage, the superimposed subject matter, presenting Shozo Shimamoto, Zhang Huang and  interviewing Prof.Hans Peter Kuhn, Warsaw-Berlin, Poland/Germany

2018 Curator (as fontaine b. artistic director and with Gabriela Anco) with Vadim Zakharov for the exhibition  Umbruch These/Upheaval .Artists: Maya Attoun, Lindy Annis, Nati Cerutti, Daniela Comani, Arnold Dreyblatt, Lucio Fontana(courtesy of fontaine b.), Vanessa Enriquez, Malcolm Green, Elana Katz, Hermann Nitsch(courtesy of Morra Foundation/Nitsch Museum Naples), Jacopo Rinaldi, Serge Stephan, Mariana Vassileva ; FreeHome Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2018 Curator of the publication  and author of the  text for the section Contra DOC! in DOC! Photo Magazine, The State of flux of the movable content: Henrik Strömberg in reference to Man Ray, presenting Henrik Strömberg and Man Ray ,Warsaw-Berlin-Los Angeles (recipient of the price at LA Photography magazine Festival)

2018 Curator (as fontaine b. artistic director and with Gabriela Anco) and in collaboration with Vadim Zakharov curation of the show: Ich bin überfordert / I am overwhelmed, presenting Vito Acconci’s work:
Biting myself:biting as many parts of my body as my mouth can reach
in the frame of the exhibiton project conceived to present various participant artists, art historians, architects, curators, composers, editors, opera and film directors, journalists, photographers, philologists and writers:Vito Acconci, Yuri Albert, Rob Blake, Barbara Breitenfellner, Safia Dickersbach, Kane Do, Maurice Doherty, Shahram Entekhabi, Susanne Frank, Moritz Frei, Jan Glisman, Pierre Granoux, Silvia Guerra, Doreet Levitte, Harten Jürgen, Harten Rudolf Herz, Patrick Huber, Yaroslav Schwarzstein, RenataKaminska, Klaus Killisch, Yuri Leiderman, Colette Lumiere, Martin Maeller, Nicolas Manenti, Contanze Musterer, Mascha Pörzgen, Natalia Pschenitschnikova, Matthias Reichelt, Vincent Rischer, Michal B Ron, Eike Schmitz, Karin Sander, Semra Sevin, Anatoly Shuravlev, Alexander Skorobogatov, Noemi Smolik, Vladimir Sorokin, Sven Spieker, Michael Staab, Sergei Tchoban, Anja Teske, Asako Tokitsu, Lukas Troberg, Timm Ulrichs, Meyer Voggenreiter, Brigitte Werneburg, Stephan Wiese, Miriam Wiesel, Daniel Zakharov, Ireen Zielonka; Hosted by Free Home Berlin, Germany

2017 Curator (as fontaine b. artistic director and with Gabriela Anco) with Vadim Zakharov of the exhibition Intuition to fill Emptiness, artists: Joseph Beuys and Luca Gioacchino Di Bernardo, Mia Gourvitch, Hans Peter Kuhn, Sebastian Kusenberg, Milovan Markovic, Jacopo Rinaldi, Henrik Strömberg, Vadim Zakharov, Free Home Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2017 Co-curation (as fontaine b. artistic director and with Gabriela Anco)MB half – full MD, presented works by Marcel Duchamp (Courtesy Fondazione Morra) hosted by Free Home Berlin in collaboration with Pierre Granoux, artist–curator (LAGE EGAL) & Michal B. Ron, art historian and theoretician . Works by Marcel Duchamp,Alexei Kostroma, An Paenhuysen, Andreas Burger, Andrei Monsrtyrski, Angel Vergara, Anonym, Antoine Lefebvre, Aurélie Noury, Bruno Nagel, Daniel Bozhkov, Daniel Malone, FranckDavid, Frank Hesse, Hannah Bruckmüller, Ioana Alexe, Jofroi Amaral/Cédric Bostyn, Julian Wasser, Klaus Killisch, Man Ray, Marcel Broodthaers, Marcel Duchamp, Marie von Heyl, Mathieu Mercier, Michael Behn, Michal B. Ron, Moritz Frei, Patxi Bergé, Pierre Granoux, Roland Fuhrmann, Saâdane Afif, Serge Stephan, Vadim Zakharov, Wolfgang Müller, Yuri Albert, Yuri Leiderman, Yusuke Suga

.2017 Co- curation (as fontaine b. artistic director and with Gabriela Anco)Echoes in dust solo show of Henrik Strömberg in collaboration with Ä plus Berlin, where presented an installation of photographic works, collages and sculptures. During the course of the show some of the works were reconfigured, thus altering the overall installation: selected special works by Man Ray and Jannis Kounellis (Courtesy Fondazione Morra) were interlaced in the installation landscape; Ä+Plus Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany



Collaborations/coordination and organisation  (selected projects):


2010-2011: Series of 3 exhibitions, Artista chiama Artista, for Quadriennale di Roma, Mario Airo’ and Marcello Spada, Bruna Esposito and Anja Puntari, Loris Cecchini and Margherita Moscardini, under the direction of Ilaria della Torre and Federica Guida for Quadriennale di Roma, Roma, Italy.

2010 Hermann Nitsch, Opere Napoletane Museum permanent collection new set up, Hermann Nitsch Museum , 14 September 2010 – 1 August 2014, Museo Nitsch, Naples, Italy.

2010  “Encounters between Caravaggio and the contemporary”, November 2010/June 2010 – Museo Hermann Nitsch, Naples, Italy.

2010 Hermann Nitsch & Caravaggio, 1 – 30 May 2010, Sagrestia Pio Monte della Misericordia, Naples (Hermann Nitsch – Caravaggio , “Hermann Nitsch, installation Caravaggio,Sette Opere di Misericordia 1606-1607” May 2010 Pio Monte della Misericordia, via dei Tribunali, 253, Naples, Italy.

2010 Hermann Nitsch, “Concert, Quintetto d’Archi” Saturday May  22, 2010 Pio Monte della Misericordia,Salone della Quadreria, via dei Tribunali, 253), Naples, Italy.

2010 Hermann Nitsch,  “130.AKTION.Festa di Pentecoste”(Aktion .130) Sunday May23rdNitsch Museum, vico lungo Pontecorvo, 29/D,  Morra Foundation, Naples, Italy.

2009 Organization and coordination, Shozo Shimamoto, La pittura e’ la durata dell’azione 1950-2008 curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, Hofficina d’Arte Gallery, Rome; in collaboration with Morra Foundation Naples, Italy and Archivio Pari e Dispari, Susanna Chiessi, Reggio Emilia; Italy

2009 Organization and coordination, Hermann Nitsch, Installazione Roma 2009, curated by Prof. Francesco Villari and Prof. Duccio Trombadori, Hofficina d’Arte Gallery, Rome; in collaboration with Hermann Nitsch Museum, Naples, Italy



. Artists: (collaboration with, curated, published -selection- )


Shozo Shimamoto, Hermann Nitsch, Vettor Pisani, Jannis Kounnellis, Dieter Roth, NamJune Paik, Emmet Williams, Joseph Beuys, Man Ray, Lucio Fontana, Vito Acconci, Marcel Duchamp, Alighiero Boetti, Tano Festa, Sol LeWitt, George Brecht, Zhang Huan, Ricarda Röggan,  Jung Sungtae.


Selected artists (present collaborations – selection-):


Vadim Zakharov, Ann Nöel Williams, Hans Peter Kühn, Junko Wada, Urs Lüthi, Henrik Strömberg, Maurizio Elettrico, Thomas De Falco, Woo Chang Won, David Krippendorff, Mia Gourvitch, SunKwan Kwon, Elana Katz, Selina Baumann, Domenico Mennillo, Gill Gatfiled, Anna Kott,  Linus Rauch, Bernhard Rappold, K. Yoland.