Chiara Valci Mazzara


Curation as artistic director of fontaine b. and with Gabriela Anco  to MB half – full MD, presented works by Marcel Duchamp (fontaine b. upon courtesy Fondazione Morra) hosted by Free Home Berlin in collaboration with Pierre Granoux, artist–curator (LAGE EGAL) & Michal B. Ron, art historian and theoretician .


Works by Marcel Duchamp,Alexei Kostroma, An Paenhuysen, Andreas Burger, Andrei Monsrtyrski, Angel Vergara, Anonym, Antoine Lefebvre, Aurélie Noury, Bruno Nagel, Daniel Bozhkov, Daniel Malone, FranckDavid, Frank Hesse, Hannah Bruckmüller, Ioana Alexe, Jofroi Amaral/Cédric Bostyn, Julian Wasser, Klaus Killisch, Man Ray, Marcel Broodthaers, Marcel Duchamp, Marie von Heyl, Mathieu Mercier, Michael Behn, Michal B. Ron, Moritz Frei, Patxi Bergé, Pierre Granoux, Roland Fuhrmann, Saâdane Afif, Serge Stephan, Vadim Zakharov, Wolfgang Müller, Yuri Albert, Yuri Leiderman, Yusuke Suga, u.a.

Curated by Pierre Granoux & Michal B. Ron


An Paenhuysen about Wolfgang Müller’s »Die Hyperinterpretation von Marcel Duchamps Großes Glas durch Bruno Hoffmann im Westberliner Frontkino 1984«

Hannah Bruckmüller, »To be a straight thinker or not to be. Learning to count with Marcel Broodthaers«
Angel Vergara in films about Marcel Broodthaers

Daniel Bozhkov performing »Between Good and Better, dedicated to Marcel Broodthaers«

A celebration of MARCEL BROODTHAERS’ half and MARCEL DUCHAMP’s full birthdays with artists’ contributions and presentations, in search after connections, contradictions, relations, negations, similarities, differences, triumphs and failures, or so we hope.

With the kind support of

ArtButler, Archives Acquaviva, Sammlung von Foerster, Semra Sevin, fontaine b., LAGE EGAL, Galerie Adamski, Le Flâneur and our host FREEHOME …