Chiara Valci Mazzara

BOM Station European Launch
The Wearable art runway show 


 Artists: Martin Zellerhoff, Kyong Lee, Sanghyeok Park
Hosted by Kunstverein am Rosa- Luxemburg Platz, Linienstrasse 40 – Berlin, Germany 
Runway and Europe launch reception: Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz January 15th 2020, 18.00 – 21.00, upon invitation.
Curated by Susanne Prinz, Chiara Valci Mazzara and Ilwoo Lee
Assistant curator: Hyein Park.
18.00 Doors opening 19.00 Presentation speech 19.30 Runway performance
The Kunstverein will host the special presentation of a runway organized to present BOMSTATION capsule collection in the frame of Martin Zellerhoff’s show Archive. The works of Zellerhof whose practice has long been concerned with conventions of image production and presentation, reflect in various ways on the disappearance of his medium photography and the simultaneous change of the relation between motive and camery eye. He does so from the dual viewpoint of the man behind the camera and the picture editor of his own exhibition. (@ Rosa Luxemburg Kunstverein)
On the occasion of the BOM STATION launch, the symmetry, depiction and shapes of the photographed slides suggest a dialogue about beauty and art within the space in which the artist intervention by Lee Kyong and Park Sanghyeok takes place on the garments conceived and presented. The medium, here as well, shifts accordingly to an alternate perspective, allowing a wearable piece to exist in the territory of an alternative way of use and perception of art and artistic practice.
The capsule collection conceived and realized in the frame of the project BOM STATION is presented for the first time in Europe. The pieces, born from the collaboration between artists and fashion designers are unique objects of art, they’re wearable art. Each and every garment reflects not only the aesthetics, the lines and the geometries of the artist’s design but includes an actual artist intervention on the item. Cohesively included as part of the whole, the handmade painted and printed element results as a distinctive part of the garment, an actual art piece is now wearable and becomes part of everyday life.
The collection has been created to embody the ideal meeting between art and fashion, enabling to wear art in the space of everyday life, thanks to shapes, forms and wearability together with an exclusive design.
BOMSTATION presents a special form of “Artwear” or art to wear. It is conceived and designed as eloquent art. The aesthetics of of the korean fashion design and the encounter with the artistic practice of two korean artists permits to display a series of exclusive pieces.
The creation of any kind of clothing involves visual considerations at first but making wearable art represents a step forward into a territory characterized by the artistic process and the preciousness of the final artwork, now not only an item to wear, but rather a statement, an everyday exclusive garment. An element which mirrors a creative mind and a social value.
Wearable art is not only worn, it represents as well as the intention of its creation as a unique artistic affirmation. It functions as the ensemble of fashion and visual arts, reevaluating them both beyond what they are independently, and creating an artistic encounter.
The one-evening happening is a moment in time when Art meets Fashion, when art takes shape through garments and clothes. When those art pieces are worn and presented live for the first time in Europe.
The event will take form as a dynamic runaway, where performing art will develop into interaction with the venue and the public, using the length and the depth of the space as on a catwalk when at the same time wearable art will be blending with the guests through the interaction with the visitors and the artworks by Martin Zellerhoff.

Opening and Runway Ph. @ Nina  Sayuri

Video and editing to the show: @ Nina Sayuri Sato