Chiara Valci Mazzara

Curated exhibitions 2021:

.November 27th 2021 through March 31st 2022 Curation of the  foyer installation solo presentation ‘The Muses’ by Gill GatfieldKunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg Platz , Berlin, Germany

.October 7th through October 29th 2021: Curation and coordination together with Susanne Prinz and Hyein Park of the solo show Sil(h)ence by Woo Chang Won at Kunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg Platz, Berlin, Germany

.September 16th to 18th 2021 Curation of the group show open studios  with the artists: HANNAH BOHNEN, THOMAS DE FALCO, ALIZÉE GAZEAU, LUCIA KEMPKES, NILS KÖPFER, STEFAN KNAUF, LINUS RAUCH, MANUEL STEHLI and HENRIK STROMBERG at Interface Berlin, Germany

.September 10th 2021 through December 31 2021, co-curation and text to the solo exhibition of Anna Kott at Karin Trockels Architectin, Berlin Germany

.September 10th 2021 through January 7th 2022: Curation, coordination  and text for the solo show of Vadim Zakharov ‘George Orwell- 7 Dictators- Duchamp prostate’ at Kang Contemporary in the frame of Berlin Art Week, Berlin, Germany

.July 24th 2021- 21st August 2021,  Curation and text to the solo show of Selina Baumann ‘A Garden’ for  Å Plus Berlin, Germany

.April 20th 2021 – May 14th 2021 Curation, together with Ilwoo Lee, of the duo exhibition of David Krippendorff and Sun Kwan Kwon Timescape,  for K.P. Gallery and Art Center, Seoul, South Korea



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