Chiara Valci Mazzara

.Co-Author of ‘DSL Collection MANIFESTO’ as fontaine b. artistic director and with Gabriela Anco, May 2019

This Manifesto for the dslcollection is a statement, a tool, a way to discover a new perspective.

This Manifesto is a body of content that will initiate a wider communication with the public : a communication that will take shape through the act of producing, sending and sharing different content each month in order to explain and deepen the mission of DSL Collection.

This Manifesto aims to flip the perception of art, deconstructing the old and inspiring a new vision and sensitivity. The act of collecting and the value of the collection, initiating an immediate transformation, are guiding the viewer to seeing new meanings. Intending to counter the public’s present short attention span, the Manifesto suggests a new approach/vision/inspiration conceived to direct this ephemeral moment to a profound understanding.

Using new tools and media as catalysts and above all, allowing accessibility to the collection and its meanings, the art works and its references, the Manifesto follows the Collection in valuing interactive and participatory approaches and refining the traditional and crystallized relationships between art and its audience.


dslcollection DECONSECRATES art:

By deconsecrating the public’s approach to art, limiting the intimidation by art, countering art as an elitist, exclusive means and fostering invitation to see, feel, create, admire, collect.

By deconsecrating the collection: the act of collecting and its outcome. Instead, create a graspable, enjoyable, achievable heritage.

By deconsecrating the artwork from holy object to pure meaning: recognizing its value as a witness of an act, as a proof of the spirit of the times, as the manifestation of the collective aesthetics and sensitivities.

Art ceases to be a luxury item holding an outdated system of references, rather it shines as an incredible source of inspiration and intellectual wealth.

By observing a sense of passion, through sorrow and zeal, constructing a collection, which delivers a sense of new profane proximity with the viewer, the public, the community.

dslcollection believes in PROGRESS: 

The innovation challenges the status quo. The Collection doesn’t intend to change but rather inspire a new logic, beyond the frame, investigating new parameters.

Progress serves art; technological advancement is a tool to perceive art in an easier, better and more thorough way. DSL collection draws the scenario of new meanings which will portray the future, starting from the present situation asset.

As the past tubular mail, Internet is now present everywhere, opening access and reaching once anonymous doors. Through new virtual media and methods of communication and diffusion, the collection strengthens the distribution of ideas, theories and inspiration to embrace a new approach.

Virtual and Augmented Reality grant an altered way to perceive art, fostering a new kind of proximity, granting the collection a strong sense of cohesiveness. The possibility to experience anything, anywhere and anytime, though a controlled curatorial insight on works collected and brought in common dialogue, going beyond our spacial dimensions and limitations. VR and AR offer not only a new way of exposing, but also of creating, of generating reality. A reality, which can also be attained by reliefography, giving a chance to masterpieces to travel and be seen in a cloned physicality. 

But overall, the Collection rouses the development of a new logic, a new way of acting, marching towards an improved and more advanced condition.

dslcollection INSPIRES: 

By activating curiosity, spreading ideas. Ergo primarily a collection of ideas, dslcollection delivers content through new media, expanding a collective vision.

It is the new media then, taking over, initiating a dialogue which comes before the objects.

By taking the lead in using innovative means to share the collection. Perceiving, adapting, aspiring towards new technologies, and inciting new progressive thinking.

Building upon established convictions of the 20th century, the Collection converts their essence to our days. Marcel Duchamp’s portable museum acquires a new meaning with a virtual reality set allowing to visit the DSL Collection, the Fluxus diffusion of material is being managed through skillful manipulation of virtual networks. 

By creating, adopting and cradling ideas, valuing and spreading them. 

As a windmill feeding on thoughts and concepts, existing or newly revealed, the collection embraces and transforms them into new matter and new ways to « consume » art.

By supporting disruptions, keeping a dynamic and flexible position. Understanding and adjusting to changes, learning from the past, working for the future, yet living in the present.

By favoring the art of the present, creating a vibrant collection, from works with alive, vivid spirit.

dslcollection believes in the FLUX:

Flux as an artistic movement and act of the past, but also as the re-evaluated action of dslcollection: it solidifies the flux action by publishing and spreading ideas, visions, content, and through the use of technology and the media of our times.

The idea of « flux »  suggesting a “flow” and an “effluent”: continual change. The « flux » is the origin of Fluxus movement of the 1960’s, which focused on the action, on the phenomenology of the act, and on the diffusion of information.

dslcollection is in a state of flux, flowing, sharing, enacting, committing to a group. Flowing – as adjusting; flowing – as disseminating; flowing – as free sharing of ideas. Flowing – as Fluxus, and Fluxus – as an attitude.

The works of art are a place of interaction between the artist and the viewer. The collection is therefore an organized gathering of constant exchange amongst the artists, the audience and the collector.

The works of art are a democratic form of creativity available to everyone. The collection is thus a playground for flourishing imagination.

The works of art are works of life. No walls should be placed between art and reality. The collection crosses art and life in a new kind of reality, the virtual reality. 

Art is meant to be consumed by all the people, without requiring particle accreditation.

Art infiltrates. 

Art is a complex organism in which ideas, behaviors, sensitivities and media blend together contributing to a new vision.

dslcollection is a COMMUNITY: 

By creating a virtual common ground for individuals with common interests to interact and exchange.

In times where physical distances are not as restrictive, people display a need for attachment. dslcollection attracts like-minded individuals to circulate around one common fire. People bring ideas, and ideas create changes.

By collecting ideas before objects. Artworks are a cluster of choices made by an artist, and a collection is a cluster of choices of the collector. Adapting this conceptual perspective, dslcollection choses the collect choices, thoughts, impressions, ideas. 

By interacting with the audience, for all community is sharing, is giving and receiving. Emitting signals, and accepting the replies, the collection does not stay indifferent to suggestions. 

By adopting an evolving state of constant flux, the collection creates a flexible community of contributing individuals.

By being an active ecosystem of inspirational ideas, operating in hyper-communication and innovation to suggest and ultimately gain a higher level of access to art.

dslcollection lives in the ZEITGEIST:

Zeit-geist is time. Zeit-geist is spirit. Zeit-geist is now. 

By collecting. By the act of gathering the samples of the present in order to create a portrait of the times. 

By collecting Chinese contemporary art, a country leading the XXI century economically, strategically. By registering the very change in collecting attitudes from the strong focus on the Western contemporary scene to the Eastern.

By limiting the collection to a set number of artworks finely tuned with the Zeitgeist.

By embracing the technology of now, translating its potential into a new form of diffusion to empower cultural exchange. 

By gathering a community of like minded individuals, that resonate on an invisible frequency, which depicts the spirit of our age. 

By adapting to the changes times, keeping flexible and trusting the future generations. 

By inspiring the history being formed now.