Chiara Valci Mazzara

.Curatorial note to Henrik Strömberg solo show Refraction of Lightness, Morra Foundation, Naples, October 2019

.Publication of the foreword and curatorial text for the catalogue of Daegu Photo Biennale Special Exhibition Berlin Morpho- isolation of (portable) pressurewith the artists: Ricarda Roggan, Henrik Strömberg, Woo Chang won, Jung Sung Tae, hosted by Rosa Luxemburg Kunstverein, Berlin; in collaboration with Daegu Arts center,  supported by the Ministry of Culture of Korea, organised by Botschaft der Republik Korea in des Bundesrepublik Deutschland and Koreanisches Kulturzentrum; August 2019

.Author, as fontaine b. artistic director and with Gabriela Anco,  of the Manifesto of DSL Collection, the DSL Manifesto; DSL Collection, Paris ; May 2019

.Curatorial text author on the occasion of Ann Nöel Williams solo exhibition Works 1964-2019, 15-23 February 2019, at FreeHome Berlin, Berlin (reviewed in Tagesspiegel, February 20th, 2019)