Chiara Valci Mazzara

. curation of the section and interview for DOC!Photo Magazine, Curation of the section contra doc! and author of the interview to Prof.Hans Peter Kuhn, Stage and Meta-Stage, the superimposed subject matter, presenting Shozo Shimamoto, Zhang Huan and Signed interview with Prof. Hans Peter Kuhn That’s when Photography makes sense in my eyes ; vol.Q10,#45, Publisher: BLOW UP PRESS, ISSN: 2299-2855; September-November 2018

.Curation of the section and Author of the essay : The State of flux of the movable content: Henrik Strömberg in reference to Man Ray , DOC! Photo Magazine, Section Contra DOC!; curatorial text presenting Henrik Strömberg in reference to selected pieces of Man Ray ; vol.Q8, #43, Publisher: BLOW UP PRESS, ISSN: 2299-2855; March- May 2018