Chiara Valci Mazzara

Text to the solo show of LINUS RAUCH ‘Permanente’

Tom Reichstein Contemporary,  STOCKMEYERSTRASSE 41 HALLE 4J 20457 HAMBURG   – 12. JUN – 20. AUG 2022  – 


Permanente implies a state of continuity: a pattern, a rhythm. A flow of action, an array of works, a stream of thought: on painting, and on the triangular relationship between painting, space and body.

Linus Rauch never starts from nothing, rather he studies, witnesses, collects, interprets through materials, through time, beyond frames. He moves, accumulating, assembling. Resilient. Employs fabric, surfaces and patterns, introduces items, forms and shades and extends the perception by using chromatic relations, light and textures to a reversed form of observation: from the plane surface to a multilayered structure enclosing space, where shreds and shards, paint, found cloths and paper come to be included in the works, where material and color coexist and interact with one another. They collide. They overarch boundaries.

Rauch works with incisiveness towards a weightless area of sentience, where gravity is given by the volume in- between, where through coats of substance the invisible space spins and returns, creating something which feels transient yet present, vivid and definite. Vibrant and real. Which mirrors tension among conscious choices and unexpected outcomes. Welcomed by Rauch. Tamed. Or not. Embraced.

He ties space and surface, negotiates a sense of belonging and non-belonging of the diverse elements to each other, to the works, to the area they occupy – all the pieces are contributing to one piece, and the singular to the whole, a painting in various parts.

This is not the result of coincidence, but rather of the sensibility of the artist. It links together a group of works, translates each piece as a multitude of layers and permits to move towards and beyond painting whose corporeality is not separated from intuition: it is a symptom of it.  […]

Chiara Valci Mazzara